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A new generation of engineers

Paper, print media and biomaterials

A new generation of engineers

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Green chemistry and functionalization of biomaterials, sustainable break

Through high level multidisciplinary teaching and unique specialties, Grenoble INP-Pagora offers to master key skills to meet the challenges of the valuation of plant biomass and functional materials.

A promising sector to discover

Powerful training

Master of Science in Engineering

Paper science, print media & biomaterials
All courses are taught in French except in the second year (semesters 3 & 4) they are taught in English.

Post Master

Biorefinery: bioenergy, bioproducts & biomaterials
All courses are taught in English

Bachelor's Degree

Printed & Digital Interactive Media
All courses are taught in French.

Industrial Processes & Environmental Management (IPEM)

All courses are taught in French.

Business-environment expertise

Training Industrial Processes & Environmental Management: controlling pollution control processes, understand the natural environment and develop strong skills in environmental management.

DEEP Project

As part of the 5th semester Product Company Project, a collective project - Challenge a Team of Students Pagora (DEEP) - is offered to 3rd year engineering students, in partnership with companies or laboratories. It provides future engineers practical situation project delivery to validate their ability to innovation management and project driving and technical skills related to processed products.

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Written by Anne Pandolfi

Date of update July 5, 2017

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