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English Student - 3FME2048

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  • Number of hours

    • Lectures : ?
    • Tutorials : 24.0
    • Laboratory works : ?
    • Projects : ?
    • Internship : ?
    • Written tests : 2.0
    ECTS : 33.0
  • Officials : Elisabeth FOURES


See "English semesster 1" - 3FME2047 (UE 05)
Based on the five skills of National Education , the English program is designed to help students :

Bring up their level of daily English (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation & communication).
Learn to communicate in English in the industrial printing , stationery and processing as well as in the world of engineering in general.
Acquire professional skills related to the world of work and "sell" their skills to future employers or training period directors.
Improve their general English and prepare for the TOEIC at the end of their studies: a score of 785 is equivalent to B2 required for obtaining engineering degree .
Expand their vocabulary knowledge and ease with oral production and interaction.

The first year is different from others because it provides an overview of the business world and industries as well as upgrading of basic English.


The topics covered are:

Points of basic grammar and classic mistakes ( revision of the basic rules).
Points of basic pronunciation ( revision of the basic rules).
English "social" and business - Informal vs . formal .
Receiving/welcoming industry partners.
The language of oral presentations.
Techniques of public presentations ( slideshow management and non-verbal communication).
Resumes and cover letters (introduction to the drafting of these documents targeting international , style , format, language base).
Describing graphs.
The world of work (vocabulary and expressions related to business).

The targeted skills are :

Acquire a solid foundation in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
Improve comprehension and oral expression.
Understand the differences in informal and formal languages ??by practicing role plays and scenarios. Themes: expressing opinion, giving advice, porblem solving.
Mastering the techniques of presentation.
Write resumes and cover letters.
Acquire the technical vocabulary of the various sectors .


B1 level (desired)


Semester 2: (24 hours)
1) CV + Personal Profile writing
2) Graph Description/ Summary
3) Dynamic Speech
TOEIC preparation (January - April)

GRADING 1E + 1A (CFA) – semester 2: (2018-19)
CVs 15%
Graph Summary 15%
Quizzes (TOEIC voc.+ gram., graph language) 20%
VALET (on-line exercises) 15%
Participation 15%
Dynamic Speeches 20%

PARTICIPATION is graded on the following criteria:
1. Using personal initiative.
2. Communicating only in English in class and outside of class with your teachers and classmates.
3. Taking an active and positive role in classes.
4. Being well prepared for all assigned work and presentations.
5. Attendance and arriving on time!

The exam is given in english only FR


The course exists in the following branches:

see the course schedule for 2018-2019

Additional Information

Course ID : 3FME2048
Course language(s): FR

You can find this course among all other courses.


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Date of update July 15, 2015

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