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LGP2, a center of innovative research

Paper, print media and biomaterials

LGP2, a center of innovative research
LGP2, a center of innovative research

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Laboratory equipments & industrial pilots

Divided into two industrial halls and laboratories, they are used for the Grenoble INP-Pagora training activity and the LGP2 research activity. They are also available for industrial trials. They are grouped into three platforms: Processes, Analytical Techniques and Characterization.


Processes platform

► Treatment of plant biomass: delignification and bleaching reactors, pilot of nanocrystals production, pilot of cellulose microfibrils (MFC) production, extraction reactor(ASE).
► Production of paper, paperboard and composites: refining instrumented bench, mill Masuko, coating pilot, flotation cells, membrane separation pilot.

Paper machine, refiner, Hollander beater

► Printing and surface treatment processes: flexographic press, screen printing press, laboratory equipment (inkjet, gravure), surface treatment (Corona).

Analytical Techniques platform

► FTIR (transmission, reflection), UV-Vis.
► RMN: solid, liquid Noyaux : 1H, 13C, 19F, 31P, 29Si ... (CEA devices).
► GC/MS.
► SEC-LALS-Visco (refractometer / UV-Vis): organic line, water line (polymers, polyelectrolytes).
Ion chromatography (analysis of oligomers, sugars, acids, phenols).

Characterization platform

► Imagery: Environmental SEM, optical topography, AFM, optical fluorescence microscopy, X-ray tomography (access ESRF lines).
► Size and electrokinetic properties: size measurement by laser diffraction, DLS, electrophoretic mobility, potential flow.
► Materials & surfaces: ISEC, DSC, DMA, contact angle, tensiometer, surface conductivity, wear properties of materials.
► Rheological properties: rheometer.

Date of update April 9, 2019

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