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Pass for a changing world

Paper, print media and biomaterials

Pass for a changing world
Pass for a changing world
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May 26, 2016 - Julien Bras joins the Institut Universitaire de France
May 18, 2016 - Printed flexible biocathode for implantable biofuel cells
May 2, 2016 - 2016 Stars et Métiers Prize for innovative string
Avril 1, 2016 - Nanocomposites and foams from cellulose nanofibrils: rheology during their processing and mechanical properties
Avril 1, 2016 - Surface modification of cellulose nanofiber to impart active properties for packaging
March 22, 2016 - The Agefpi Endowment Fund is online
March 10, 2016 - Grenoble INP-Pagora's Post Master celebrates 5 years
March 2, 2016 - Black liquor valorization by hydrothermal processes for energetic and green chemistry purposes
March 1, 2016 - Rewritable films on flexible substrates
March 1, 2016 - Hemicellulose extraction of paper grade pulp for dissolving pulp production
February 29, 2016 - Contribution to the study of lignin-carbohydrate complexes (LCCs) in wood. Study of the impact of the different steps of a sulfur-free biorefinery process on these LCCs
February 8, 2016 - Didier Chaussy, the new Director of LGP2
February 2, 2016 - Analysis and modeling of the local hydrodynamics in bubble columns
February 2, 2016 - An engineer-doctor from Grenoble INP-Pagora receives the Engineer of Tomorrow Trophy in sustainable development
February 1, 2016 - Structural and chemical study of lignin and its recovery as Alfa macromonomer and/or activated charcoal precursor
February 1, 2016 - Valuation of Tunisian cellulose waste
January 26, 2016 - Extraction of structure and properties controlled cellulose nanofibrils: characterization, rheological and nanocomposites applications


December 11, 2015 - International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials (Nano 2016) in Grenoble – Call for abstracts
November 6, 2015 - A promising partnership with Virginia Tech
October 16, 2015 - Summer school on cellulose materials and biorefinery
October 16, 2015 - A highly original unit on the French and European research landscape
October 12, 2015 - Cellulose nanofibers for the production of bionanocomposites
October 1, 2015 - Grenoble INP-Pagora and the University of Pisa sign a cooperation agreement
September 28, 2015 - 2015 Thèses des Bois: a PhD student from LGP2 receives a prize
July 9, 2015 - CIP4 France 2015
June 11, 2015 - Manufacturing stronger paper with fewer raw materials and less energy, without sacrificing quality
June 11, 2015 - Lignocellulosic biorefinery: Grenoble INP-Pagora is a partner in the BIO3 project, supported within the scope of the FUI interministerial fund's 19th call for projects
May 28, 2015 - Printed Electronics: The ISORG – Grenoble INP-Pagora partnership wins an Industry Prize
May 28, 2015 - Patents for the use of nanocellulose in printed electronics
May 11, 2015 - Pagora Automation Days: From the finished product back to the original file, October 8- 9, 2015
May 6, 2015 - Tri'O'Togo, a socially-responsible recycling project
May 6, 2015 - From biobased packaging to active and intelligent packaging: European consortia snap into action
April 14, 2015 - Study of the ink formulation based on Cu, Zn, Sn S precursors and of the crystallization's annealing for the non-vacuum deposit of photovoltaic layers
February 27, 2015 - Development of renewable nanocomposites for packaging by the functionalization of polysaccharide nanocrystals
February 26, 2015 - Functional printing: from the study of printed layers to the prototyping of flexible devices
February 2, 2015 - Nanocelluloses as potential materials for specialty papers
January 15, 2015 - Membrane separation processes for continuous production of nanocrystals of polysaccharides: experimental approach and modeling
January 12, 2015 - Contribution to the study of friction phenomena. Application to paper materials


December 20, 2012 - Pure cellulose production from kraft pulp by an environmentally friendly process using catalysed hydrogen peroxide
November 21, 2012 - Study of the mechanical behavior of recycled fibers. Applications to papers and paperboards
November 14, 2012 - Elaboration of Li-ion batteries using cellulose fibers and papermaking techniques
November 13, 2012 - Manufacture of membrane-electrode assembly of fuel cells by printing processes
September 26, 2012 - Study and use of copper(II) polypyridinic complexes in catalysis of dioxygen delignification of cellulosic pulps
September 25, 2012 - Study of the impact of hemicellulose extraction from wood on cellulose fibres and ethanol production as part of a lignocellulosic biorefinery
July 9, 2012 - Deinking pulp fractionation: characterization and separation of fines by screening
June 15, 2012 - Printing processes dedicated to the mass production of ceramic based electronic microdevices
June 11, 2012 - Surface modification of cellulose by the organosilanes
May 21, 2012 - Successful start for the Post Master degree Biorefinery: bioenergy, bioproducts & biomaterials at Grenoble INP-Pagora
May 14, 2012 - The LGP2 is participating in the EncuPack project to promote UV offset printing
May 14, 2012 - The LGP2 partners with NewGenPak ITN, a Marie Curie Action for the development of a new generation of sustainable packaging
May 14, 2012 - The LGP2 is participating in the Laboratory of Excellence TEC XXI project: "Complexity Engineering: the mechanics and its interfaces serving the societal issues of the 21st Century"

Date of update May 26, 2016

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