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A new generation of engineers

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A new generation of engineers

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Industrial Processes & Environmental Management (IPEM)

A major societal issue, the environment naturally finds its place
in the engineering training of Grenoble INP

The Industrial Processes & Environmental Management (IPEM) training allows to master clean-up processes, understand the natural environment and develop solid environmental management skills.


► To train the multidisciplinary nature of environmental issues.
► Integrate environmental regulation and management into the practice of the trade.
Develop the practical skills of engineers through field studies, case studies and a multidisciplinary project in partnership with industrialists in Grenoble.

Double skill and promising fields

With this double profession-environment skill, engineers graduated with this option manage the technical problems both in their original field of discipline and in the field of the environment.

For example, they are able to ...
♦ Set up and manage a wastewater treatment plant.
♦ Optimize a process to make it more environmentally friendly.
♦ Implement an environmental management system to obtain ISO 14000 certification.

Many career opportunities

Professions, recruiting companies, examples of missions entrusted to engineers graduates of Grenoble INP option Industrial Processes & Environmental Management.

Expert training tailored to the realities of the field

This option is compatible with
an apprenticeship curriculum, an initial or continuing education.

Initial engineer training - 5th semester (elective)
► Open to apprentices of Pagora or other schools of Grenoble INP
► Open to students of Student status under professionalization contracts (one-year contract).


Continuing education - Diploma of Higher Technological Studies
► Duration: one year (September-January: course / February-June: internship)
► Full-time or alternate courses.
► Read more: Grenoble INP / Formation continue



Academic Programs
(Initial training - Continuing education)

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Written by Anne Pandolfi

Date of update November 21, 2016

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