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Grenoble INP
A new generation of engineers

Paper, print media and biomaterials

A new generation of engineers

Paper science, print media & biomaterials

A professionalizing approach

During their course of 6 semesters or 3 years, engineering students build their professional project by making choices.
► Scientific projects.
1st year and 2nd year internships: in France or abroad, business type, function, theme.

Academic program - Student or Apprentice

In the second year, two options

As from September 2016, most of the teachings of the second year will be given in English.

► Optional teaching specialty.
► Transversal optional courses: study "business" in the third year.

► Project of the end of studies

industrial or experimental orientation.

The plus: Meetings with former students, study tours, conferences ... and more generally, any activity promoting awareness of the engineering profession.

DEEP Project

As part of the 5th semester Product Company Project, a collective project - Challenge a Team of Students Pagora (DEEP) - is offered to 3rd year engineering students, in partnership with companies or laboratories. It provides future engineers practical situation project delivery to validate their ability to innovation management and project driving and technical skills related to processed products.

Advantages of the program

Engineers at Grenoble INP-Pagora are managers able to address a variety of situations, model solutions to industries and to assume technical and managerial responsibilities. They quickly occupy positions of responsibility in many areas, high pay and perform various functions.


Apprenticeship training is:
  • A talent pool for companies wishing to invest in training of their future managers.
  • Employability ensured for students keen to learn from their formation a company experience.

Study tours

Visit industrial sites and meet professionals, including former students of the school, are a great opportunity to explore in the field the different aspects of their future engineer's profession.

Active teaching

Learning by problems

This teaching method allows the student (learner) to be truly actor of his training by enrolling in a more realistic context of the industrial world.

Business simulation

Today, an engineer can't ignore the business management basics. What better than to live in direct the control of all aspects of a business: procurement, recruitment, production, marketing, sales, finance, management ... as part of a simulation on specialized software sparing no pitfalls , in groups, in one continuous session of one week.

Preparation for professional life

Technical, economic, scientific, sporting or cultural, personal or collective, the projects play an essential role in engineering education.

Stay abroad: a major asset

Conduct part of the studies abroad is a definite plus on a resume as popular appreciated by both large industrial groups that SMEs seeking international openness. Going abroad is encouraged both by Grenoble INP-Pagora and by Grenoble INP.

Business-environment expertise

Training Industrial Processes and Environmental Management: controlling pollution control processes, understand the natural environment and develop strong skills in environmental management.

Mastering foreign languages

Improve language practice with a dynamic pedagogy, powerful online tools and a languages laboratory.

Promote sport

The practice of sports or of an activity related to sports is mandatory to get the engineering degree. A wide variety of sports is available in Grenoble INP through a remarkable set of facilities focused on the Grenoble campus, in addition to specific sports in the alpine environment (skiing, climbing, mountaineering, windsurfing, mountain biking, caving, flight free, paragliding, ...).

Grenoble INP Sports

High-level athletes can benefit from planning their school as part of a contract with Grenoble INP.

Statut Sportif de haut niveau

Reconcile art and education

For students who wish to pursue in-depth practice of art during their engineering studies, a "statut Art-Études" exists since 2003. An agreement was signed with the conservatories of music, dance, theater and Grenoble and Valence Art Schools. It tracks the course of the third cycle of these conservatories (music, dance, drama, composition and new technologies) and to benefit from organization of school time.

Statut Art-Études

36 weeks of internship

Put in a position in a company or laboratory, students compare their knowledge to industrial problems. Internships in industry are varied and drive engineering students, if they wish, around the world. The links of Grenoble INP-Pagora with many companies and research centers guarantee internships tailored to individual wishes.

Written by Anne Pandolfi

Date of update March 30, 2016

Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes