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A new generation of engineers

Paper, print media and biomaterials

A new generation of engineers
A new generation of engineers

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Ensured employability for apprentices

Do you like action and concrete?

Learning is for you. No room for routine. You go from the amphitheater bench for theoretical acquisitions to the company's workshops to put them into practice ... in real size and on real industrial problems.

Alternating periods

You alternate a month at school and a month in business. 4 to 5 weeks is the time necessary and sufficient to follow a project in a relevant way with the possibility of getting really involved.

A tutor and an apprenticeship master

Throughout your apprenticeship, you are followed by a Grenoble INP-Pagora tutor and a company apprenticeship master. Choose from the start of the route, both ensure the consistency of the alternation between school and factory, supervise your technical or non-technical work.

Active pedagogy

The teaching provided by Grenoble INP-Pagora is adapted to the specificities of apprenticeship, with an educational program based on life-size projects, developed with your host company.

Preparation for the exercise of responsibilities

Apprenticeship is an excellent introduction to working life. You are immersed in an industrial site, you become familiar with the production processes, industrial issues and responsibilities of the engineering profession.

Words of apprentice engineers

Anne-Laure, 2nd year : Apprenticeship gave me another vision of the world of work and responsibilities.
Michaël, 2nd year : My years of study are also years of experience. And then I am a salaried employee, independent: it helps me get into working life faster.
Sandrine, engineer : The apprenticeship opened the right doors for me and brought me a great maturity of profession ... which I take advantage of today as machine manager of a site of a large international paper group.

Apprenticeship: one formula, two possibilities

Grenoble INP-Pagora engineering students can choose apprenticeship training. Salaried students, they alternate periods at school and periods in business either from the 1st year or from the 2nd year. 30% of a promotion follows this sector, including 40% girls, in all types of companies in the sectors concerned.

Apprenticeship in 2 years

Possibility open to Grenoble INP-Pagora engineering students of 1st year admitted in 2nd year and engineering students admitted on titles in 2nd year. They can be recruited for a 2-year apprenticeship contract.

Apprenticeship in 3 years

Open possibility – on admission and interview file – to young people under 26, citizens of the European Union and holders of a DEUG, a DUT or a BTS + ATS. They carry out their work-study training in 3 years, signing the apprenticeship contract upon admission to school.

The diploma issued is the same as that of the student curriculum
and recognized by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI).


Salaried student

Apprenticeship contract = work contract (CDD)

You sign it with your host company - which becomes your employer - from the start of your apprenticeship.

Missions entrusted to the apprentice engineer

The engineering degree depends on the results of the education and the work carried out as part of the apprenticeship. In addition to the industrial work carried out on behalf of the company, the apprentice engineer addresses specific subjects with the apprenticeship master and responding to imposed themes.


Integration activities Topics related to the organization of production, continuous improvement, security, training, personnel management ...
- Implementation of a consumable change procedure
- Optimization of a workstation
- Writing of a training support for salespeople
- Creation of a machine event tracking tool
- Implementation of 5S in a manufacturing workshop
- Implementation of a SMED approach
- Writing job descriptions
- Implementation of a deposit table
- Update of the Single Document…
Company & Products folder 
(1st year)
- Study of the industrial sector of the company, the organization of the factory, the means implemented, its place on the market.
- In-depth study of several materials or products, of the "product" specifications.
Maintenance & Continuous Improvement Project
(2nd year)
- Choice of an indicator for external maintenance
- Development of a maintenance book from the manufacturer's manual and the specifics of the company
- Analysis of abnormal wear of the rollers
- Analysis of the causes of breakage on machines…
Technical folder (2nd year) - Study of the thick pulp circuit
- Study of the dryer
- Study of the different sections of the press
- Study of the different sections of the corrugator
Manufacturing folder
(2nd year, PCE Option)
Technico-Economic Project
(3rd year)
Topics related to an investment, a modification of the installations, an optimization, an innovation…
- Selection criteria for the evolution of production equipment, study of added value and associated markets
- Technical-economic study of machine faults
- Reduction of costs by reduction of material losses on machine…
Project Graduation (3rd year) Subjects with a strong technical basis and which may concern a modification of processes, a problem solving, an expertise…
- Improvement of the characteristics of the papers by the implementation of the experience plans
- Reduced breakage rate on rotary press
- Study of the breakage in the fold of the notebooks
- Sleeping optimization to reduce mottling
- Study of the reduction of the water consumption of the machine
- Regularization of the paper load rate

Date of update April 22, 2020

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