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A new generation of engineers

Paper, print media and biomaterials

A new generation of engineers
A new generation of engineers

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Training period year 1 - 3FME3086

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  • Number of hours

    • Lectures : 0
    • Tutorials : 0
    • Laboratory works : 0
    • Projects : 0
    • Internship : 0
    • Written tests : 0
    ECTS : 70.0
  • Officials : Anne BLAYO


Learning outcomes :

  • To discover the functioning and structure of the company,
  • To understand the processes and means of production from the practical and field point of view,
  • To understand the reality of workers' work
  • To think about the relationships between staff and their supervisors,
  • To work in safety,
  • To identify a company policy towards sustainable development.
  • To write a training report in accordance with a set of specifications
  • To present your internship orally according to a set of specifications
  • To set about a self-assessment competency assessment
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The training period takes place in the summer between 1A and 2A
It lasts at least 6 weeks
Objectives : discovering of an industrial plant and some jobs within this plant

The first year internship (or "workers' internship") aims to introduce students to the life of a company. Through activities at the operator level, this period aims to acquire knowledge and develop skills.

The transversal skills worked during this internship are listed in the appendix and allow students to position themselves in relation to the work requested.
This internship must be done in a company in the paper, printing, processing or biomaterials sectors. The duration of the internship is set at a minimum of 6 weeks. The first year internship must be completed, if applicable, before a possible break year.



The Training period is evaluated thanks to the intermediate reports, final report, Oral Defense, evaluation form completed by the person in charge in the company (FOR-614-RF).
All the details are in MOP-635-RF.
All the documents have to be put on Chamilo "Pagora A1-stage ouvrier".
No second session on the training period

Evaluation in accordance with operating procedure MOP-635-RF, which describes all the expected results and their participation in the awarding of the mark. The requested deliverables will be noted: intermediate reports, final report, oral presentation, evaluation by the company.

All deliverables must be deposited on Chamilo in the works of the activity "Pagora A1-worker internship".

You must also submit the internship report and the internship evaluation form (FOR-614-RF) IN PAPER VERSION, both endorsed by your internship supervisor in the host company, to the school no later than the date indicated in the pedagogical calendar of the damaged dates of the current academic year.

Only the report is catchable.

If the competency assessment is not carried out with the supervisor, the internship is not validated.


La répartition des différentes parties est :

  • appréciation donnée par l'entreprise (25%) : à l'aide du formulaire (FOR-614-RF) fourni avec la convention de stage (mesure de la satisfaction entreprise). La grille en auto-évaluation complétée par l'étudiant(e) et discutée avec son tuteur entreprise lors du bilan de compétences en fin de stage.
  • suivi pendant le stage : arrivée des livrables (L0 à L3 non vides) dans les délais (15%)
  • rapport de stage (L4) rédigé par l'étudiant(e) et esprit d’analyse et de synthèse (35%)
  • restitution orale finale et regard par rapport aux compétences travaillées (25%)


The course exists in the following branches:

Additional Information

Curriculum->Pagora Engineer - Student->Semester 6


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Date of update July 23, 2020

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