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Une nouvelle génération d'ingénieurs
Une nouvelle génération d'ingénieurs

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Technical File 1 (IFB) - 4FMA3146

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  • Number of hours

    • Lectures : 0
    • Tutorials : 0
    • Laboratory works : 0
    • Projects : 0
    • Internship : 0
    • Written tests : 6.0
    ECTS : 20.0
  • Officials : Frederic MUNOZ


Learning outcomes :

  • To take ownership of the plant's processes by focusing on control parameters, regulations, monitoring
  • To work with industrial data, knowing how to navigate through the complexity of processes
  • To develop its own "process" expertise
  • To present the process to an audience
Contact Frederic MUNOZ


  • In the company: the apprentices collect the information (plans, field data): 1 to 2 days
  • In Pagora: they write their files. 2 days

The theme to be dealt with is imposed by the teacher on all students, but arrangements will be made according to the context of the company, the facilities available, etc.... Each apprentice course is unique!

Formalization in the form of a slide show

Tips for transparencies:

  • the simplified schemes are very educational and will be promoted
  • hand and scanned diagrams are accepted as long as they are legible
  • photos, screenshots, diagrams,... without captions or explanations have no value and will be penalized

Work and formalization plan:

I-Case Stationery
study of dough preparation (all or part of it depending on the type of business and context)

1 - Context: reminder of the elements necessary to understand the case
(scope of the study, product, key figures, indicators)
a maximum transparency
example: we manufacture papers with barrier properties and we will present the refining chain: indeed it is the refining that develops these properties. The operation is therefore strategic to serve the customer

2 - Schematic diagram of operations and main flows
Simplified diagram, Block diagram possible
max. three transparencies

3 - simplified summary of the main unit operations (role / resources used / key parameters / significant values)
max. three transparencies
example: Dilution operation.
Role: to get a good performance
Means: white water and dilution pump
Key parameters: thick paste concentration and white water concentration. Pump rotation speed because they determine the flow rates used
pulp: 4%, flow rate 15 m3/h
EB: 0.5%, flow rate 34 m3/h
diluted paste at the outlet:...

4 - description of 2 control loops.
what is being regulated / why ? / where does the setpoint come from? its value? / description-diagram / which sensors? / which actuators? / operation and control in practice / values representative of the parameters under control
Manual" regulations are accepted
max. four transparencies
example: level control

  • what: we regulate the level by playing on the output of the vat room
  • why: to avoid overflow
  • setpoint: the setpoint is set by the operator
  • value: 80% of the vat room level
  • sensor: pressure sensor at the base of the vat room. A calculation converts the value into a level measurement
  • actuator: output valve
  • operation: when the level approaches 80%, the valve opens gradually (and vice versa). Regulation is activated from 70% onwards
  • values: on the day of the visit, the level was 85% and the valve was 100% open

5 - literal writing of simplified balances (e.g. material balance, water balance, energy balance)
make a black box by specifying the inputs and outputs
if an approximate costing is possible, it is welcome, with what closure rate? what are the key indicators?
max. three transparencies
example :
dry water balance
Water" inputs: water from the paper inlet + water in the ventilation air and the air drawn in by the hood
Water" outlets: water from the paper outlet + water in the fumes

6- example of a typical maintenance operation on this workshop (type of maintenance, means of implementation, duration, possibly cost)
a maximum transparency

II-Case Other type of business
Consult the Course Lead for adaptation of the subject
Overall, we will follow the architecture proposed above

Description of a part of the company's or machine's process, operation and key parameters

Unless otherwise specified by the factory, support is provided in the presence of other apprentices. Apprentices are responsible for consulting their factory tutor to determine the appropriate arrangements.

Verify that the information disseminated is not confidential. If the results are confidential, give the literal calculations without the values

As stipulated in the regulations, a copy of each file will be kept by the teacher in charge for 3 years. No copy will be made without the company's authorization. The documents produced will not be archived at the Pagora Documentation Service, they remain the property of the factory.

Intellectual property: citations must appear in plain language in documents and sources must be referenced

  • Possible sources of information: Pagora course, Chamilo, courses, articles, library ( "IRFIP" folders, Tappi Journal, Tappi Informations Sheets, Finnish FAPET collection...), company data (manufacturing data, supplier data...)


process knowledge
2nd year Process Engineering course


Each file gives rise to:

  • submission of a summary document (powerpoint)
  • a defense: presentation + questions and answers
    about 20 min max per person for each file (the schedule can be proposed by the students if not in alphabetical order)

Delivery of the document on Chamilo before the announced date (automatic closing of the portal)

SYNTAX: the files must be rendered with the name "NAME-Technical Folder 1".


note = évaluation du contenu de la présentation et de la qualité des réponses aux questions
critères de réussite : justesse technique, maîtrise technique, cohérence, qualité de la synthèse

pénalités en cas de non respect des consignes (ex : retard, points demandés non traités)


The course exists in the following branches:

see the course schedule for 2018-2019

Additional Information

Curriculum->Pagora Engineer - Apprentice->Semester 8

RAS à Pagora Respect des consignes en vigueur lors des phases en entreprise


cours de formation continue disponibles sur Chamilo,
documents techniques propres à l'entreprise

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