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A new generation of engineers

Paper, print media and biomaterials

A new generation of engineers
A new generation of engineers

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Printing Process : Digital printing - 4FMT1097

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  • Number of hours

    • Lectures : 12.0
    • Tutorials : 0
    • Laboratory works : 3.0
    • Projects : 0
    • Internship : 0
    • Written tests : 0
    ECTS : 21.0
  • Officials : Aurore DENNEULIN


Learning outcomes :

  • To understand the operation, ink flow control and print control for industrial inkjet and electrophotographic printing processes.
  • To know the associated materials (ink, toner, supports...etc.)
  • To know the advantages and limitations of these different processes
  • To present an image of the digital process market (manufacturers, applications...etc.)
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General introduction:
General description of Non impact and digital printing technologies

(1) Inkjet printing process

  • Introduction : DEvelopment milestones of inkjet printing process
  • Different technologies : CIJ (Continuous inkjet) and DOD(Drop On Demand)
  • Droplet generation mechanism
  • Ink nature and properties
  • Prediction of inkjetability: Dimensionless approach
  • Ink/Substrate interactions
  • Market players
  • Conclusion and future trends

(2) Electrophotography

  • Principle
  • Imaging system (image generation)
  • Inking unit + différent kind of toners
  • Toner fusing
  • Subtrate for electrophotography / toner/substrate interactions

(3) Other digital printing processes
Ionography, Magnetography, Elcography, Thermal printing...


Lessons on 'inks' are complementary


Note = 100 % Written exam to control knowledge

La note de TP tient compte de la méthode de diagnostic employée, de l'utilisation de l'aide au diagnostic, du nombre de problèmes résolus

The grade of the practical work takes into account the diagnosis method used, the use of the software help

La note du DS est une évaluation commune au trois cours : Flexographie, offset, procédés numériques.

Matière rattrapable


The course exists in the following branches:

Additional Information

Curriculum->Pagora Engineer - Student->Semester 7
Curriculum->Pagora Engineer - Apprentice->Semester 7



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Date of update July 24, 2020

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