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A new generation of engineers

Paper, print media and biomaterials

A new generation of engineers
A new generation of engineers

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Recruit an apprentice-engineer - His missions

Apprenticeship: years of study are also years of experience

Since 1994, more than 300 engineers have benefited from apprenticeship training: a successful combination of knowledge from a renowned school and the experience of the many companies that have played the game.
The apprentice engineer alternates between stays of 4 to 5 weeks at school and in a company. His tutor Grenoble INP-Pagora and his company apprenticeship master accompany him throughout the course.


The engineering degree depends on the results of the education and the work carried out as part of the apprenticeship. In addition to the industrial work carried out on behalf of the company, the apprentice engineer addresses specific subjects with the apprenticeship master and responding to imposed themes.


Integration activities Topics related to the organization of production, continuous improvement, security, training, personnel management ...
Implementation of a consumable change procedure
Optimization of a workstation
Writing of a training support for salespeople
Creation of a machine event tracking tool
Implementation of 5S in a manufacturing workshop
Implementation of a SMED approach
Writing job descriptions
Implementation of a deposit table
Update of the Single Document…
Company & Products folder 
(1st year)
Study of the industrial sector of the company, the organization of the factory, the means implemented, its place on the market.
In-depth study of several materials or products, of the "product" specifications.
Maintenance & Continuous Improvement Project
(2nd year)
Choice of an indicator for external maintenance
Development of a maintenance book from the manufacturer's manual and the specifics of the company
Analysis of abnormal wear of the rollers
Analysis of the causes of breakage on machines…
Technical folder (2nd year) Study of the thick pulp circuit
Study of the dryer
Study of the different sections of the press
Study of the different sections of the corrugator
Manufacturing folder
(2nd year, PCE Option)
Technico-Economic Project
(3rd year)
Topics related to an investment, a modification of the installations, an optimization, an innovation…
Selection criteria for the evolution of production equipment, study of added value and associated markets
Technical-economic study of machine faults
Reduction of costs by reduction of material losses on machine…
Project Graduation (3rd year) Subjects with a strong technical basis and which may concern a modification of processes, a problem solving, an expertise…
Improvement of the characteristics of the papers by the implementation of the experience plans
Reduced breakage rate on rotary press
Study of the breakage in the fold of the notebooks
Sleeping optimization to reduce mottling
Study of the reduction of the water consumption of the machine
Regularization of the paper load rate

Date of update July 6, 2021

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