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A school in the heart of the industry

Paper, print media and biomaterials

A school in the heart of the industry
A school in the heart of the industry

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Projects & Internships: preparation for professional life

Projects: an essential place in engineering training

Technical, economic, scientific, sporting or cultural, personal or collective ... the projects confront engineering students with various concrete situations (time, material and human resources ...) that they will encounter in their future professional life.

On the initiative of teachers

Design and production of a print / packaging
Paper manufacturing on industrial pilot
Technological watch & economic intelligence

On the initiative of the students

Papyrus Junior Conseil
FORUM Jobs & Internships
Projects within the framework of student organizations

At the request of a principal (company, laboratory, public body)

DEEP, Challenge of a Team of Pagora Students
As part of the 9th semester Product Company Project, teams of student engineers – 3rd year, students and apprentices, combining the two options FBE and PCE – design and produce demonstrators / prototypes of objects or structures using biomaterials,

Internships: comparing acquired skills with professional realities

In business or research center, they can be done in France or internationally.
1st year
2nd year
3rd year
Worker internship
Assistant engineer internship
Project Graduation
6 weeks 2 months 5 months
Mid-June to August Mid-June to August February to June
Understand the structure of the company, become familiar with the processes and means of production, understand the reality of worker work. Evolve in an industrial context, understand the operating flows and the interactions between the services of the host company. Apply the knowledge acquired throughout the training and work with industrial constraints.

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Grenoble INP-Pagora reserves the right to remove any offer that does not correspond to the profiles of students from its training courses.

Date of update July 6, 2021




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