Laboratory equipments & industrial pilots

Divided into two industrial halls and laboratories, they are used for the Grenoble INP-Pagora training activity and the LGP2 research activity.
Also available for industrial trials, they are grouped into three platforms.

Processes platform

Treatment of plant biomass

Delignification and bleaching reactors, pilot of nanocrystals production, pilot of cellulose microfibrils (MFC) production, extraction reactor(ASE).


Production of paper, paperboard and composites

Refining instrumented bench, mill Masuko, coating pilot, flotation cells, membrane separation pilot.

Paper machine, refiner, Hollander beater

Printing and surface treatment processes

Flexographic press, screen printing press, laboratory equipment (inkjet, gravure), surface treatment (Corona).

Analytical Techniques platform

FTIR (transmission, reflection), UV-Vis.
RMN: solid, liquid Noyaux : 1H, 13C, 19F, 31P, 29Si ... (CEA devices).
SEC-LALS-Visco (refractometer / UV-Vis): organic line, water line (polymers, polyelectrolytes).
Ion chromatography (analysis of oligomers, sugars, acids, phenols).

Characterization platform

Imagery: Environmental SEM, optical topography, AFM, optical fluorescence microscopy, X-ray tomography (access ESRF lines).
Size and electrokinetic properties: size measurement by laser diffraction, DLS, electrophoretic mobility, potential flow.
Materials & surfaces: ISEC, DSC, DMA, contact angle, tensiometer, surface conductivity, wear properties of materials.
Rheological properties: rheometer.