Pagora rubrique Vie étudiante 2022

Student activities

Integration weekend

Welcome 1st year students in a relaxed and festive atmosphere: a well-established tradition in Grenoble INP-Pagora! Second and third year students organize an integration weekend with various leisure activities and unforgettable evenings in the program ...

Les Ol'INPiades

In October, under the leadership of the Grand Cercle, all the Grenoble INP schools found themselves on campus to compete in various tournaments. Sports competitions, choreographies, creation of a chariot, ... everyone can participate and defend the colors of his school.

Gala of Grenoble INP

Sports appointments


Organized by the students of Grenoble INP-Pagora, this tournament brings together students from different schools of France for a whole weekend around the round ball.

Rugby match

Students, alumni, teachers, researchers and school staff compete friendly on the field to better meet the traditional Méchoui for the 3rd half.