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Pass for a changing world

Paper, print media and biomaterials

Pass for a changing world
Pass for a changing world

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Anselme-Payen Library - Electronic resources



This catalogue provides the possibility to:
  • Search all documents in the network of libraries or a library in particular.
  • View real-time availability of on-shelf document.
  • Know whether a library has a subscription to a magazine or has a particular year in its collections.
  • Find out if a journal is available online by going to the "Online Journals" tab.
If you are enrolled in a library of the network RUGBIS and have a library card (or student card), you can
  • Consult your loans across the network.
  • Make and check your reservations and extensions of loans.
  • Do and save your searches.
  • Create bibliographic notice baskets, save, export.
  • Set up an alert system on a query.

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Other electronic resources

By joining the electronic library of G@el-Bibliothèques Universitaires Grenoble Alpes, the LGP2 gives Grenoble INP-Pagora teachers and students and LGP2 researchers, from the premises of the school, access to the following resources.

Digital collections


Access to databases by discipline

To use digital resources, you will be asked to enter your Agalan login (LONG form i.e. followed by _ujf if you are staff or student of UJF, by _inpg if you are staff or student of Grenoble INP) then enter your password.
You will thus find the usual interfaces for consulting the resources (‘round window’ and tables) and you may retrieve the full text of the documents you are interested in and search within your favorite databases.

Date of update February 11, 2019

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