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The path to a sustainable world

Paper, print media and biomaterials

The path to a sustainable world
The path to a sustainable world

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Anselme-Payen Library - Services


2 project rooms reserved for students and internal teacher-researchers
 Wifi connection with Grenoble INP/UGA login
Photocopy: 0.10 € per page
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) (reserved for teachers and researchers): a service giving access to documents or reproductions belonging to another library and not in the Anselm-Payen Library catalog.


Training sessions are regularly organized by the Library for doctoral students and newcomers.
You want to be informed of the schedule of sessions or get support training?
Contact Emmanuelle BELGACEM

Tutorials for research
scientific and technical information

Bibliothèques Universitaires Grenoble Alpes offers:
Training in the use of the Zotero free reference management software is available all year long in BUs. Find out about upcoming dates and sign up.
Les ateliers de la BU: short presentation workshops, practices and exchanges on various themes led respectively by librarians, the guidance and professional integration service of the university and the health center.

Rules and regulations

  • Present your library card (or student card) for any loan.
  • Any delay in returning item (s) borrowed is penalized by a suspension of loan equal to the delay time.
  • Observe silence and don't obstruct the work of others (Turn off cell phones).
  • Abstain from food and drink.
  • In the event where the security alarm has been triggered and to prevent any offense, checking of the contents of the bags may be required.
  • When making connections to the Internet, it is compulsory to comply with the legislation of Grenoble INP and Grenoble INP-Pagora.

Date of update March 1, 2022

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