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A new generation of engineers

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A new generation of engineers
A new generation of engineers

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Training period apprentices - 4FMA3088

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  • Number of hours

    • Lectures : 0
    • Tutorials : 0
    • Laboratory works : 0
    • Projects : 0
    • Internship : 0
    • Written tests : 0
    ECTS : 50.0
  • Officials : Frederic MUNOZ


Learning outcomes :

  • To carry out a project in a company at the engineering assistant level
  • To analyze and collect the information necessary to develop solutions to the problem
  • To propose a solution to a problem entrusted by the host company (e.g.: medium complexity problem with economic or environmental constraints)
  • To take a critical look at the solution provided and show its limits
  • To work independently for decision-making (be a force for proposal)
  • To work in a team and report back
  • To analyze the consideration of SD and CSR aspects in companies with a benevolent eye
  • To carry out a skills assessment and self-assess
  • To think about its own decision-making in relation to its own personality
Contact Frederic MUNOZ


Monitoring and evaluation visit to the company (as far as possible) and in the presence of the Master Apprentice

  • to carry out a review of the missions carried out or in progress in the company
  • to make a positioning in relation to the competency framework with the tutors (this positioning is part of the agenda of the meeting)

The focus here is on an operational assessment: apprentices must synthesize their work in the company

Missions can have a well-established technical foundation; missions of a transversal nature are also welcome as they allow the development of other skills that are just as important in the young person's training.
These subject(s) take place in a company
The subject(s) are given by the company

Examples of topics:
Topics related to production organization, continuous improvement, safety, training, personnel management...

  • "Implementation of a procedure for changing consumables"
  • "Optimization of a workstation"
  • "Writing a training material for sales representatives"
  • "Creation of a tool for monitoring events on the machine"
  • "Implementation of the "5S" in a manufacturing workshop"
  • "Implementation of a SMED approach"
  • "Writing job descriptions"
  • "Setting up a consignment table"
  • "Update of the Single Document"...


General knowledge
technical and scientific culture
1A and 2A courses in Pagora


In-company evaluation (ideally, if not video-conferencing) by the Master of Apprenticeship and the teacher-tutor

Practical organization: visits are scheduled on a case-by-case basis with the apprentice / master / tutor-school. It is therefore impossible to give a precise date for the entire group of apprentices. The visit can take place at the very beginning of the summer period.

This is a progress report because the apprentice spent several months in the company

Deliverables = (1)presentation + transparencies and (2) positioning of skills

1) Presentation + transparencies
Evaluation via the apprentice's formal presentation of the progress of his work (summary slide show)

Scoring by the teacher (taking into account the opinion of the Learning Master).

Evaluation criteria: MAPI grid

Removable material: presentation and transparencies to be reworked

2)Assessment of the self-assessment of skills in the presence of the two tutors (document to be formalized for the submission of the report requested at the end of the summer)

How to proceed:
The student looks at the criterated grid corresponding to his period under Chamilo

Then the student proposes the traces and arguments
The student presents his work to his supervisor during an interview
The supervisor validates or reassesses the levels achieved of the skills worked
The supervisor fills in the Excel file for monitoring by the school service

La note correspond à la note de la présentation et de l'activité en entreprise, soumise à la réalisation du bilan de compétences.


The course exists in the following branches:

Additional Information

Curriculum->Pagora Engineer - Apprentice->Semester 8


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Date of update July 24, 2020

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