MME CHIRAT Christine

Professeur / Professor
461 rue de la Papeterie - CS 10065 - 38402 Saint Martin d'Hères Cedex - FRANCE
04 76 82 69 07
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Grenoble INP - Pagora, UGA


Introduction à l'ingénierie IFB / ICI (Semestre 5)
Bilan des cours Introduction ingénierie Fibre-biomatériaux et communication imprimée (Semestre 5)
Génie de la fabrication des pâtes cellulosiques (Semestre 7)
Bioraffinerie-Bioproduits (Semestre 7)
Procédés de blanchiment des fibres cellulosiques (Semestre 7)
Bioproduits (Semestre 7)
Bioraffinerie (Semestre 7)
Visite d'usine (Semestre 8)


Introduction to IFB/ ICI Engineering (Semester 5)
Introduction ingénierie Fibre-biomaterials et communication imprimée (Semester 5)
Cellulosic Pasta Manufacturing Engineering (Semester 7)
Biorefinery-Bioproducts (Semester 7)
Cellulosic Fibre Bleaching Processes (Semester 7)
Bioproducts (Semester 7)
Biorefinery (Semester 7)
Factory visit (Semester 8)

LGP2 - Équipe de recherche / Research group

Thèmes de recherche

Procédés chimiques pour la production de fibres cellulosiques à partir de bois ou de plantes annuelles
Chimie de blanchiment et procédés de blanchiment des fibres lignocellulosiques, notamment avec des procédés respectueux de l'environnement (oxygène, ozone, peroxyde d'hydrogène, ..)
Procédés de bioraffinerie intégrés aux usines de pâtes et papiers pour la production de biocarburants, bioproduits et biomatériaux

Research themes

Chemical processes for the production of cellulosic fibers from wood or annual plants
Bleaching chemistry and bleaching processes of lignocellulosic fibers, particularly with environmentally friendly processes (oxygen, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, ..)
Biorefinery processes integrated into pulp and paper mills for the production of biofuels, bioproducts and biomaterials

Scientific production

46 publications in peer-reviewed journals
81 conference in international congresses
21 invited conferences
3 patents

Publications (HAL)

Activités / CV

Christine Chirat graduated from Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP-Pagora) in 1991. She received her PhD degree on ozone bleaching of lignocellulosic fibres in 1994. She then spent about one year as a post doctoral fellow in the research center of the Westvaco company in Charleston, SC, USA.
From 1995 to 2001, she worked as a research scientist at Centre Technique du Papier in Grenoble on the development of environmentally friendly bleaching of pulps. From 1998 to 2001 she was the head of the Chemical pulps-Bleaching group at CTP.
In late 2001, she joined Grenoble INP-Pagora, got accreditation to supervise research in 2003 and was appointed Associate Professor in 2008.
In January 2013, she has been elected fellow of the International Academy of Wood Science (IAWS).
Since 2013 to 2020, she has been leading the research team Biorefinery: chemistry and eco-processes of the LGP2 laboratory.
Her teaching to the Grenoble INP-Pagora engineering students and postmaster students, and her research in LGP2 focus on biorefinery processes integrated into pulp and paper mills for the production of biofuels, bioproducts and biomaterials and the bleaching of lignocellulosic fibers with environmentally friendly processes.

In 2015, she was elected to the council of the PEM pole (Physics, Engineering, Materials), to the Scientific Council of Grenoble INP and to the Academic Council of ComUE.
In 2018, she became a University Professor and took the executive direction of the Training component of the IDEX at the University of Grenoble Alpes, led by Grenoble INP.
In 2020, Christine Chirat was elected Vice-President of the Council of Studies and University Life of Grenoble INP.