Pagora rubrique Formation 2022

Spring semester - Digital media and functional printing - 30 ECTS


  • Degree awarded Master
  • Location
    • GRENOBLE Campus
  • Duration One semester - From February to June.
  • Available as
    • Initial education


Integrate printed electronics and functional printing in trades related to the manufacturing of electronic systems. Facing new innovation challenges ... A job creation sector is emerging in this field. There is an increasing need to develop communicating, interactive and 'intelligent' products which allow control of the production chain and foolproof traceability. However, printing processes are simple, efficient and economical means of depositing thin layers of fluids of controlled thickness, on large surfaces and at high speed. Consequently, if these fluids have specific properties – conductivity, barrier properties, thermochromy, electrochromy, etc. –, being able to print them at low cost opens up remarkable prospects for manufacturing products with high added value. These areas of functional printing and printed electronics are growing exponentially: the most pessimistic predictions predict a world market of $ 21,000 million in 2020 compared to $ 3 million in 2008.


Acquire and validate the mastery of the techniques of printed electronics and functional printing.
Classes are taught in English.
This semester gives rise to a skills certificate.

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  • Available as :
    • Initial education


Academic information

International Mobility Manager
Julien BRAS
Academic Programs
Handicap Referent



  • Language of instruction English
  • Internship abroad No


Expected learning outcomes

This semester gives rise to a skills certificate.